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Flexible Pipes

Flexible Pipe, Bend Pipe PVC for unlimited creativity🌟

  1. Flexibility to Bend & Shape: Easily mold the pipes to any form you desire, perfect for custom floral arrangements. 🌸
  2. Maintains Structure: Despite bending and shaping, our pipes hold their form, ensuring your flowers always look fresh and lively. 🌼
  3. Variety of Thicknesses: Choose from 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm options to suit all sizes of floral projects. 📏
  4. Durable & Reusable: Built to last, these pipes can be reused for multiple projects, offering long-term value. ♻️
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Bendable PVC Pipes, Giant Flower Stems.

Bendable PVC Pipes, Giant Flower Stems.

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Craft the perfect stem for your giant foam flowers with our premium Flexible Form PVC Pipes Collection. Each pipe in this collection is meticulously designed with a flexible aluminum core and durable PVC coating, allowing you to easily bend, twist, and shape your stems while ensuring they maintain their form for stunning and lasting creations. This collection features four distinct sizes to cater to various design needs: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm. Whether you are crafting a delicate tulip or a majestic sunflower, these pipes provide the robust support and versatile shaping capabilities your floral artistry deserves. Embrace the freedom to create with our reliable and reusable PVC pipes, engineered for artists who demand excellence in every bloom.

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