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Handcrafted Petal by Petal Luxury Flowers that never die!

In Amazing Giant Flowers we provide services for everyone. Whether you want monthly rental services of Floral Signature Arrangements for your home or Office, Giant Flowers for your events or you want to learn how to build your own flower art and need the training and materials, we got you covered.

DIY Foam Flower Kits

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  • Offices and Businesses

    Find out why it is easier to get customers with our
    scenic atmosphere of Handcrafted Signature Flowers in your decor!!

    We all need more customers. So, how do you attract them? With Flowers. People are attracted to flowers and as soon as people walk in, their mood is lifted and they enjoy being there.

    Check them out here! 
  • Crafters and DIY's

    Learn all the amazing flowers you can build with foam.

    Learn to build all types of flowers with foam. It is fast, easy and simple.

    We have courses, Kits, Molds and Foam. Make your own decorations at home.

    Check out our DIY Flower Kits Here! 
  • Event Specialists and Planners

    Want to know how to increase your bottom line and your product offer?

    Learn to build your own flower backrops and Giant Standing Flowers

    Mentoring and Courses Here!