Introducing our Handcrafted Sympathy Rose:

A timeless and meaningful alternative to natural flowers. In moments of loss, this delicate and intricately crafted rose becomes a source of solace and beauty, offering a unique and lasting tribute to a loved one who has departed.

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Sympathy Rose Gift Box

Sympathy Rose Gift Box

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"Even in the midst of sorrow, there is light." This sentiment captures the essence of our Handcrafted Sympathy Rose, a thoughtful gift that becomes a beacon of comfort during times of reflection. As the light delicately caresses its petals, the rose emanates a soft glow, symbolizing the eternal presence of God's love and offering solace to those in grief.

The Handcrafted Sympathy Rose is not just a flower; it is a heartfelt expression of sympathy. Its delicate form serves as a symbol of enduring love and beauty, mirroring the essence of the departed loved one. Placing this handcrafted rose in your space is an intentional act, creating an atmosphere infused with the warmth, remembrance, and compassionate energy that comes from the divine.

Each Handcrafted Sympathy Rose is elegantly presented, delicately handcrafted petal by petal. You have the option to choose between four comforting Bible verses or Poems, each providing solace and strength during times of mourning. Accompanied by an acrylic frame featuring a chosen verse and the name of the person who has passed, the rose stands gracefully next to this personalized tribute. The package includes a Certificate of Authenticity card, signed by the flower artist, affirming the genuine craftsmanship of this heartfelt memorial.
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Included in Gift Box

  • Handcrafted rose with meticulous detail.
  • Accompanied by an acrylic tribute stand featuring a comforting Bible verse.
  • Certificate of Authenticity card included.
  • Comes in a Kraft box protected for shipping, creating a pleasant unboxing experience.
  • Message note in card from Sender *optional

Product Features

Product Features:

  • 7" Diameter Handcrafted Rose in high quality EVA foam
  • 20" Tall Height
  • Lacquer Paint Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Gorgeous Glass Solitaire Vase with greenery
  • 4" x 6" Acrylic Tribute Stand with Personalized poem or bible verse.

Instuctions to Make Order

Instructions to Make an order