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"Blossom Beyond Boundaries with the Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit"

"Blossom Beyond Boundaries with the Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit"

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🌸 Introducing the Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit! 🌸

Dive into the world of artistic expression with our exclusive Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit. Cultivate your passion for crafting as you breathe life into enchanting Blue Hydrangea flowers – delicate blooms that not only captivate hearts but also serve as ideal stage props, adding a touch of spring with their captivating yellow hues.

🌸 Ignite your creativity with the delicate charm of these blooms. Meticulously curated materials and step-by-step instructions ensure that your Blue Hydrangeas radiate grace, elegance, and the vibrant spirit of the crafts movement.

🌸 The Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit includes everything for your floral masterpiece, from high-quality petals to a sturdy stem, making it perfect for art and craft ideas. Craft stunning Blue Hydrangeas effortlessly with our carefully chosen essentials, suitable for both seasoned crafters and those venturing into the world of arts and crafts shows.

🌸 Whether you're working on stage props, exploring art projects, or simply looking for crafts to do at home, this kit sparks joy and inspiration. Add an elegant touch to home decor, create mesmerizing bouquets, and surprise loved ones with thoughtful handmade gifts.

🌸 Let your creativity bloom as you craft these exquisite Blue Hydrangeas. With the Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit, experience the joy of creating floral art that leaves a lasting impression – perfect for both arts & crafts adults and enthusiasts looking for engaging craft and art ideas.

🌸 Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to create your own garden of Blushing Petals. Order the Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit today and indulge in the beauty and fulfillment of bringing these enchanting flowers to life. Unleash your creativity with the Blushing Petals Pink Hydrangea DIY Giant Flower Kit! 🌸

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  • Included in Kit

  • Simple Crafter Tools

  • Instructions and Templates

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Contents Included in Kit

What's Included in the Kit:

  • 39 pieces of 18-gauge floral wire (for flowers and leaves): Shape and structure your Pink Hydrangea petals and leaves with ease using our durable and versatile floral wire.
  • 3 pieces of Blossom EVA foam, varying sizes (27" x 18" color selection, 27" x 18" green, 36" x 27" color selection): Craft the perfect petals and leaves from our high-quality EVA foam sheets
  • 1 roll of Giant Floral Dark Green Tape, 2" x 10 yards: Secure and wrap your stems flawlessly with this dependable and vibrant dark green tape.
  • 1 roll of Floral Green 1.2cm Tape, 0.5" x 10 yards: Add delicate details and finishing touches to your Pink Hydrangea blooms with this versatile floral tape.
  • 1 39" Bendable PVC/Aluminum Pipe for Stem: Create a sturdy and flexible stem for your Pink Hydrangea masterpiece with our bendable PVC/aluminum pipe
  • 2 packs of white flower buds: Enhance the beauty of your Pink Hydrangeas with these delicate and lifelike white flower buds.
  • Instructions & On-demand online video tutorial: Our comprehensive instructions and video tutorial will guide you through the process, ensuring your success in creating enchanting Pink Hydrangeas.
  • 1 template: Our template will assist you in creating the perfect shape and form for your Pink Hydrangea petals.

Tools Needed

Crafting Tools for Your Flower Masterpiece:

  • Heat Source (e.g., heat gun, iron, hairstyler, or flat grill): Bring your Flower to life with unique textures.
  • Ruler: Ensure precision and uniformity in your crafting process.
  • Scissors: Shape and cut petals with ease for the perfect floral look.
  • Needlenose Pliers: Ideal for intricate adjustments and refining your floral masterpiece.
  • Paint (Optional): Express your creativity with craft paint, oil pastels, or your preferred medium.
  • Glue Gun with Silicone Sticks: Secure petals with precision for a durable and lasting bond.

Craft confidently with these essential tools!

Instuctions, Templates and Video Tutorials

Craft with Confidence - Easy Guides and Cool Extras!

Kit Bonus Features:

  • Step-by-Step Guides and Cool Templates: Your kit comes with easy-to-read guides and fun templates. They make crafting super easy and lots of fun! They
  • Online Help Whenever You Want: You can also get guides and templates from our website anytime! It's like having a crafting helper whenever you need one.
  • Free Club Membership: Join our special club for free! You get to watch fun videos with Adriana Wells, who will show you exactly what to do. Crafting is even more awesome when you have someone cool guiding you!

Crafting your Giant Flowers is going to be so much fun with these cool guides and extras!

Fast, Fun and Easy to make in 3 simple steps

Creating Your Giant Flower in 3 Easy Steps: Aprox. 2 - 2 1/2 Hours

1. Cut and Paint (Optional):

  • Use the templates to cut out the petals and leaves.
  • Have fun by coloring the petals and leaves with your favorite colors.

2. Thermoform and wire All Petals, Leaves and Accesories:

  • Make the petals and leaves come to life by using something warm like a heat gun, iron, hairstyler, or flat grill. This makes them feel real and adds cool textures.

3. Assemble All Pieces Together:

  • Follow the instructions to put all the shaped petals and leaves and accesories together to create your amazing Giant Flower. Use a glue gun to stick them securely. It's like putting together a puzzle, but way more fun!

Crafting your own Giant Flower is super easy and tons of fun! Just follow the steps, and you'll have a beautiful flower in no time!

Crafting your own Giant Flower is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Unveiling the Splendor of Giant Hydrangea Varieties

Multiple Uses

Versatile Uses of Giant Hydrangea Kit:

The Giant Hydrangea Kit offers creative possibilities for:

  1. Festive Business Displays: Engage customers with captivating in-store decorations.
  2. Holiday Parties and Events: Transform spaces with elegant indoor and outdoor decor.
  3. Striking Table Centerpieces: Impress guests with sophisticated holiday dinner settings.
  4. Crafting and Gifting: Create unique gifts and lasting memories with friends and family.
  5. Event Decor and Photo Backdrops for big spaces: Enhance events with magical Lilly arrangements and memorable photo backdrops.
  6. Engaging Retail Displays: Attract shoppers with seasonal retail displays.
  7. DIY Creative Projects: Infuse creativity into surroundings with handcrafted Hydrangea.

Unleash the creative potential of the Giant Hydrangea Kit across various settings and occasions.

Pick your own Height and Color

Choose How Tall and What Color.

Show Your Special Ideas:

Picking Stem Height: Make your Giant Hydrangeas stand out by choosing how tall they should be. (3 to 6 foot long stems available). It's like making them kings or queens for your special occasion!

Foam Colors to Pick: Be a holiday artist! Choose from 4 different cool foam colors to make your event look awesome and special. Your colors, your way!

Better than paper flowers, can get wet and wrinkled and repainted

Exclusive Kit Bonus: Free Membership with Video Tutorials and Templates! 🎥🌸

Unlock a world of crafting possibilities with our Giant Foam Flower Kit, and enjoy a complimentary membership that provides access to a treasure trove of resources. Immerse yourself in expert-guided video tutorials and premium templates, ensuring a seamless journey as you create multiple flower varieties. Elevate your crafting experience with:

  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Learn the art of crafting giant flowers through detailed, easy-to-follow video instructions.
  • Premium Template Collection: Access a diverse range of templates designed for various flower types, allowing you to explore and create with endless possibilities.
  • Expert Tips and Techniques: Receive exclusive insights and techniques from seasoned crafters, enhancing your skills and making each creation a masterpiece.
  • Community Connection: Join a vibrant crafting community, sharing ideas, tips, and celebrating the joy of crafting together.

Easy storage, Portable and Lightweight

So Easy for Every Party and Season!

Easy to Put Away: You can easily store your Giant Magnolias in airtight bags. No stress about where to put them between parties and seasons!

Take Them Anywhere: These flowers are made to be easy to carry. You can bring them to any party and make the place look awesome without any trouble.

Not Heavy at All: They're not heavy because they're made of light stuff. Setting them up and moving them around is super easy for anyone planning a party.

Won't Get Ruined by Water: Don't worry if water gets near these flowers. They're not like paper, so they won't get messed up. They're tough and will last for lots of parties!