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DIY Anemone Foam Flower Starter Kit- Purple Anemone

DIY Anemone Foam Flower Starter Kit- Purple Anemone

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Indulge your creativity with our Purple Anemone Foam Flower Kit. Craft elegant anemone petals in the regal shade of purple. This comprehensive kit offers a delightful adult crafting experience, whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a budding artist. Dive into the world of floral artistry with easy-to-follow instructions and on-demand online tutorials. Elevate your craft projects with the timeless beauty of purple anemones.

Kit Contents:

  1. Thermoforming Molds (Anemone & Sepal): Specialized molds designed for crafting elegant 5" diameter purple anemone petals and intricate sepals.

  2. 22 Gauge Floral Wire (x9): Nine floral wires provide the structural foundation for your anemone petals, allowing you to shape and pose them with precision.

  3. Purple Blossom EVA Foam (1.6mm): Craft your anemone petals in the regal shade of purple with a single sheet of 1.6mm EVA foam, ensuring a consistent and lifelike appearance.

  4. Black EVA Foam: Included for creating the center buds of your anemones, the black EVA foam adds dramatic contrast and authenticity to your purple blooms.

  5. Floral Tape (0.5" x 10yds): A roll of floral tape ensures secure and seamless assembly of your purple anemone petals and black buds, keeping them beautifully intact.

  6. White Buds (Approx. 75): A bunch of approximately 75 white buds provides the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to create charming and authentic purple anemone bud accents that complement the regal purple petals.

  7. Floral Stems (6mm, x3): Three floral stems (6mm diameter) offer the stability required for your purple anemone arrangements, ensuring that your DIY anemones have lifelike and graceful stems.

  8. Instructions & On-Demand Online Video Tutorial: Our comprehensive instructions and on-demand online video tutorial expertly guide you through every step of the crafting process, ensuring that your purple anemone flowers are as stunning as they are realistic.

Indulge in the art of adult crafting with our Purple Anemone Foam Flower Kit. Create elegant purple anemone blossoms that radiate the regal beauty of purple flowers. Perfect for those who appreciate the therapeutic joys of crafting and the allure of floral arrangements, this kit offers a delightful creative journey.

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