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DIY Coral Cactus Orchid Foam Flower Starter Kit

DIY Coral Cactus Orchid Foam Flower Starter Kit

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Explore the captivating Coral Cactus Orchid with our comprehensive foam flower kit. This kit empowers you to craft three stunning orchid flowers: a 7" diameter large flower, a 5" diameter medium flower, and a charming bud. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a crafting pro, this kit enables you to create lifelike cactus orchids that radiate elegance and grace.

Introduction Embark on a journey into floral artistry with our Coral Cactus Orchid Foam Flower Kit. Elevate your DIY projects with these exquisite orchids, perfect for home decor, weddings, and events. Crafted with care, this kit provides all the materials you need to create lifelike cactus orchids, from detailed instructions to templates and an on-demand online video tutorial.

Kit Contents:

  1. Thermoforming Mold (Cactus Orchid): A specialized mold designed for crafting intricate cactus orchid petals, ensuring exceptional detail in your creations.

  2. 22 Gauge Floral Wire (x4): Four floral wires provide the structural foundation for your cactus orchid petals and stems, allowing you to shape them with precision.

  3. Lime Green Blossom EVA Foam (1.6mm): Craft your orchid petals with a 14" x 17" sheet of vibrant lime green EVA foam, ensuring a lifelike appearance.

  4. Coral Blossom EVA Foam (1.6mm): Shape your orchid's center with an 18" x 28" sheet of coral-colored EVA foam, allowing for personalization.

  5. Floral Tape (0.5" x 10yds): A roll of floral tape ensures secure and seamless assembly of your orchid petals, leaves, and stems.

  6. Bunch of Buds with Double-Head Pistils (Approx. 75): Approximately 75 bud accents with double-head pistils provide the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to create charming and lifelike orchid bud accents.

  7. Floral Stems (6mm):

    • One 12" floral stem for crafting the large orchid.
    • Two 16" floral stems for crafting the medium orchid and bud.
  8. Instructions, Templates & On-Demand Online Video Tutorial: Our comprehensive instructions and templates, coupled with an on-demand online video tutorial, expertly guide you through every step of the crafting process, ensuring that your coral cactus orchid flowers are as stunning as they are realistic.

Elevate your creativity with the Coral Cactus Orchid Foam Flower Kit. Order now and bring the beauty of cactus orchids into your projects. Let your artistic talents flourish with this exquisite floral masterpiece.

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